Policy evaluation tool

The online INDIMO Policy Evaluation Tool gives policy makers useful tips to compile strategies that take into consideration all categories of citizens, ensuring that they will fully benefit from the digital transport system, avoiding exclusion or digital divide. The tool also supports policy makers when evaluating digital mobility solutions and services before their deployment in terms of compliance with the principles outlined in the INDIMO Inclusive Digital Mobility Toolbox .

The tool will be based on insights from the deployment case studies explored in the first year of the project and co-created with the INDIMO Co-creation Community.

The INDIMO Policy Evaluation Tool will enable the identification of barriers to the use of new services through a self- assessment checklist. The checklist will be derived from the requirements set out in the Universal Design Manual, in the Universal interface language icons and in the Guidelines for cybersecurity and personal data protection. Recommendations to overcome the identified barriers will be provided (e.g. training, subsidies, knowledge transfer, regulatory interventions), including specific recommendations to nudge behavioural change towards digital mobility solutions. The policy evaluation tool will be tested and evaluated in the pilots.

Universal Design Manual

Universal design manual

Universal Interface Language Manual

Universal interface language icons

Cybersecurity and privacy assessment guidelines

Cybersecurity and privacy assessment guidelines