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INDIMO workshop Berlin
October 26, 2021
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By Sara Sanchez, researcher at the ZLC Zaragoza Logistic Center and pilot projects coordinator

In the last month the research in the INDIMO pilot projects has entered phase 2, which consists of three main activities: a 1st redesign workshop, an evaluation CoP and a 2nd redesign workshop. The redesign of service and technology is based on the recommendations from the Universal Design Manual (UDM) the Universal Interface Language Manual (UIL) and the Cybersecurity and privacy assessment guidelines.

Pilot 2 – Antwerp was the first Pilot to perform the 1st redesign workshop on 16th September and from then on all the pilots, except Pilot 1 – Emilia Romagna carried it out. In Emilia Romagna, the workshop has not taken place yet because the parcel locker was installed as late as the 20th September and end-users need some time to familiarize with it. The redesign workshop had the same format for all the pilots. It was performed with developers, users, user’s representatives, and policy makers and consisted of 3 different sessions:

  • Session 1 -Prioritization exercise: where participants voted each recommendation applicable to the specific pilot. Recommendations were grouped into five different categories, i.e.: Organizational, Physical Interface, Digital Interface, Cybersecurity and Icons usability.
  • Session 2Roadmap building: where participants discussed which recommendations will be implemented in a short-term and which in the long-term.
  • Session 3Redesign Service: where participants decided what of all the recommendations for the short-term will be implemented and started the re-design of one/ two of them.

As final step, participants were invited to fill in an online feedback form to collect their suggestions and feedback about the workshop and the preparatory materials (i.e. excerpts from UDM, UIL and Cybersecurity guidelines) shared with them some days before.

Short reports about each pilot’s re-design workshop can be found in the button links below:

 P1 Emilia-Romagna
P2 Antwerp
P3 Galilee
P4 Madrid
P5 Berlin



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