Cybersecurity and privacy assessment guidelines

The Cybersecurity and privacy assessment guidelines will enhance the security of digital mobility solutions starting from a user needs perspective and in compliance with European regulations and standards (e.g. ISO 27001 compliant methodologies).

The guidelines will highlight the specific aspects of data protection and cybersecurity that need to be considered when designing user-centred and personalised digital services, from unclear privacy policies to cyber-threats. To this end, the guidelines will provide an in-depth analysis of data protection and cybersecurity issues in inclusive digital mobility solutions, derived from a desk study and interviews with experts. A collection of best practices will be included.

The guidelines will also include a cybersecurity risk assessment framework that will be applied to the innovative mobility and logistics solutions implemented in the pilots to derive cybersecurity requirements and security evaluation criteria. In addition, methodological tools and recommendations will be provided to support the cybersecurity risk assessment (e.g. templates supporting a cybersecurity-by-design approach) and to improve privacy assessment criteria, data protection and cybersecurity through the INDIMO Policy Evaluation Tool . We will pay special attention to gender issues related to cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity and privacy assessment guidelines

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