The region of Flanders (Belgium) is working towards more fluid and efficient mobility. To reach this objective, several targeted actions have been launched. One of them, Mobilidata, is the collection of mobility related data for future C-ITS solutions and applications, such as intelligent traffic lights. The pilot will work on prioritising traffic streams by adapting the length of timings of green lights for pedestrians, in particular for people with reduced mobility or reduced vision.

The collection of data about the behaviour of pedestrians and crowd movement is important in order to ensure safety and overall efficiency, thus inclusive design is essential. The Antwerp pilot will work in a co-creation environment to develop an inclusive intelligent traffic light system and deploy it in an urban environment within the City of Things, Antwerp’s user testbed for smart city innovations. Developers will be involved in the design of an intelligent traffic light that is validated by end-users.

Pilot objectives

The main objectives of the pilot are to evaluate the usefulness and applicability of the INDIMO Toolbox and to test the products with real end users in order to validate the intelligent traffic light system in a real-life context.

Inclusive smart traffic lights