First redesign workshop in Antwerp

Antwerpen pedestrian street
(source: Unsplash images - credits: Marien Remco)
October 26, 2021
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By Juanita Devis Clavijo, researcher at IMEC and Antwerp pilot site leader

On September 16th,  the Antwerp pilot conducted its first redesign online workshop . The workshop involved civil servants, developers, UX designers, and user representatives. Additionally, 1-to-1 interviews have been conducted with visually impaired people, target end users. The findings from these activities resulted, among others, in the prioritization of design recommendation for the services to be developed. These include how the app should change behavior in different contexts and its multimodal interaction. Moreover, we were able to collect and identify the challenges final users experience when navigating the physical and online environment. These findings result in valuable information for the civil servants, service providers, and policymakers. In the following months we are going to implement and test these recommendations, and continue with dissemination of the findings to all relevant stakeholders.


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