Rural areas in Israel, and Arab villages among them, experience insufficient level-of-service with regards to public transport services. Low frequency of public transport services as well as long distances from residential locations to the nearest bus stop represent barriers to the use of public transport and result in a higher use of private cars. Ride-sharing could offer a feasible solution to many different kinds of users and digital channels, particularly smartphone apps, could promote direct interaction among residents of small towns and villages. However, the user-friendliness and usability of a smartphone app is a necessary condition for realising its potential as a catalyst for behavioural change: a platform for the self-organized community, linking ‘suppliers’ (drivers) and ‘customers’ (passengers).

Pilot objectives

The pilot will explore the efficacy, efficiency and level of satisfaction of a dedicated smartphone app for arranging carpool rides and verify its impact on the inclusion of Arab women living in the rural areas of Israel.

Women on the Move empowered by the new mobility options