technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Israel Institute of Technology (TECHNION)

The Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, is Israel’s primary technological university and the country’s largest center of basic and applied research. It is ranked among the leading technological universities in the world. Many innovations in all fields of science, technology, engineering and life sciences have their origins in research conducted at the Technion.

The Transportation Research Institute (TRI) serves as a center and framework of cooperation for faculty members from various Technion units whose research covers a wide spectrum of transportation subjects. TRI incorporates about 30 faculty members from the Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Architecture and Town Planning, Medicine, and Materials Engineering as well as staff researchers, including engineers, psychologists and statisticians.


The Technion togehter with Bar-Ilan univesity is currenlty leading the Israeli Center for Smart Transportation Research acting as the preferred confederating and multidisciplinary platform for research and development in the smart transportation domain, aimed at extending research activities through collaboration of all stakeholders.