The Madrid pilot will test users’ experience and needs related to the use of an existing goods delivery digital platform, in order to design a more inclusive and accessible version ensuring accessibility for vulnerable users. Initially, this platform for delivery was developed by Coopcycle, the European Federation of Bicycle Delivery Cooperatives.

People with lower digital skills need, now more than ever, to gain access to healthy food while in lockdown and anytime they are confined at home for any other reason. Particular attention will be paid to the needs of lower-income people, older people and functionally diverse people, especially those at risk of being socially isolated during the COVID19 pandemic or living in unwanted isolation.


La Osa Cooperative Supermarket and La Pájara will be included as pilot stakeholders, together with the INDIMO target groups.

Pilot objectives

The main aim of this pilot was to improve the access of vulnerable groups of people to healthy food through a digital delivery platform. Older as well as sensorially or emotionally diverse people may experience a generational gap in respect to the use of digital platforms. In addition the COVID-19 pandemic situation pushed digital platform developers to adapt their services to people lacking digital skills. Therefore, the Madrid pilot promoted more inclusive digital delivery solutions for increasing the access to healthy food and goods to all and in all circumstances.

Food delivery in times of Covid-19

INDIMO promotional video

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