cambiaMO | changing Mobility

cambiaMO | changing Mobility is a non-profit cooperative of engineers, economists and urbanists, based in Madrid. cambiaMO is focused on research, innovation and transformative action in urban mobility, active modes, ITS, equity and empowerment in transport and travel behavioural processes. Its main objective is to foster and reinforce a new culture of mobility in the organizations it accompanies, through new narratives, innovative solutions and analytical approaches.

cambiaMO was founded in 2010 thanks to the meeting of five junior and senior researchers working in European and regional research programmes, oriented to transport analysis, cost-benefit evaluation tools and in user-driven social innovation through qualitative and quantitative approaches. The members of the cooperative received in projects more than 6 million euros from the Cost Association, the EU Commission, the Spanish Research programme, the International Transport Forum of the OECD, the European Climate Change Association, and various local and regional authorities and institutions.

cambiaMO works in rethinking mobility from new paradigms to break with transport inequities, unsustainable patterns, mode hierarchies, and to work towards socio-technical transitions. Combining a social dimension with the mastery of the technical aspects, we work for equitable, gender balanced, and resilient mobility solutions.


In INDIMO cambiaMO is responsible several key tasks ranging from the identification of user needs assessment to the elaboration of first Universal Design Manual (UDM) for digital transport services. cambiaMO is also responsible for the coordination for the Madrid pilot on cyclelogistics platform for deliveries and, more in general, for the coordination of the communities of practice, a method used though the five pilot cases to develop common knowledge on understanding how people travel and what problems they encounter when they use digital mobility and logistics solutions. cambiaMO will also carry out the evaluation of inclusion and accessibility with a gender perspective.