Madrid pilot phase 3: Findings and lessons learnt

October 25, 2022
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By Floridea di Ciommo, CambiaMo and Madrid pilot site leader


In Madrid, the pilot focused on the updating of an existent platform for (food) delivery developed since 2017 by Coopcycle, the European Federation of Bicycle Delivery Cooperatives. The service works to bring items and food to those who need it but are unable to go and get them because of illness or reduced mobility, habit to not going out.

The Madrid pilot implemented all the recommendations from the INDIMO toolkit (inclusive language to be easily understandable and without foreign or technical words; easy login process by providing the integration with common social platforms such as Facebook, Google and apple; the adaptation of the privacy policy and other legal notices into a transparent language, etc.

The final phase focused on an endorsement campaign for inclusive digital delivery services and training for riders. Concerning the first, it counted with the support of stakeholder organizations such as TANGENTE and CEAPAT-IMSERSO and the blind people organization, la ONCE. Six posters were posted on the Instagram and Facebook accounts of La Pájara-CoopCycle to transmit the wish to cover the needs of risk of exclusion of people targeted by P4.

About the second, five men and one woman from CoopCycle- La Pájara attended the training module on inclusivity based on four collective sessions of 4 hours each (16 hours in total) and 8-hours individual tutoring session. Trainers belonged to CEAPAT-IMSERSO and NGO TANGENTE.

The testing and data collection started in April and finished in June 2022. In addition to the awareness campaign, pilot 4 offered incentives for the users to respond to the survey reaching a total of 45 responses. As result, P4 recommends adopting a multi-stakeholder’s approach (e.g., communities of practices) in the elaboration of the digital services improvement based on the INDIMO tools recommendations.


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