The INDIMO Toolbox: why you should use it?

December 15, 2022
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The INDIMO Toolbox

The Inclusive Digital Mobility Toolbox is an interactive set of 5 online tools, intended for a practical use and available in six different languages. It offers access to the INDIMO  methodologies and the research documentation, including templates and examples of their use. The INDIMO Inclusive Digital Mobility Toolbox has been developed to help developers, policy makers and service operators to design and implement accessible and inclusive mobility solutions for all kinds of digital mobility and delivery services.

With the help of the Toolbox you can:

  1. Design digital transport solutions that are better tailored to citizens’ needs, especially those of users who experience barriers in using digital services, by means of the UDM – Universal Design manual.
  2. Design universally understandable interfaces between transport end-users and the digital mobility system, through the UIL – Universal interface language manual.
  3. Ensure data protection and cybersecurity in digital transport solutions, by means of the CSG – Cybersecurity and privacy assessment guidelines.
  4. Evaluate the compliance of digital mobility solutions and services with the universal design principles, through the online SET – Service evaluation tool.
  5. Identify, select and filter a list of recommendations derived from our research with end users in the INDIMO Recommendations browsable list.

Each tool provides access to project results such as research insights, methodologies, surveys, exercises, documents, templates and a list of recommendations. All provided materials are open access and they can be used to analyse, evaluate and re-design all kinds of digital mobility services.

The Toolbox flowchart

Depending on the scope of your exploration, you can decide to:

  • Explore the interactive tools UDM:, UIL and CSG and apply the proposed methodologies, by downloading available templates, examples and best practices.
  • Read the INDIMO recommendations that are more relevant to your role or you actual inquiry, by applying available filters
  • Self-evaluate an existing or prototyped digital mobility and delivery service by using the SET, which will guide the assessment through questions and will provide you with a quantified inclusivity and accessibility performance on thematic spider-graphs and with a selection of recommendations that cover the weak-points.


Go to the tools’ selector page:

INDIMO Toolbox

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