INDIMO key policy recommendations

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December 14, 2022
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By Imre Keserü, Mobilise VUB,


The INDIMO project has drawn up key policy recommendations from one of its latest reports on recommendations for policy makers and operators for implementing an inclusive digital transport system. Below, the full list:


  1. Introduce an incentive scheme and possibly subsidies to support the development and demonstration of universally designed services and applications. Make the benefits of Universal Design (UD) visible, test local feasibility of the approach, and regularly update UD recommendations.
  2. Increase the visibility of Universal Design and its related tools and raise awareness of best practice examples through advocacy organizations, the European Transport and Mobility Forum and EU events.
  3. Introduce UD in the curriculum of the training of transport and urban administration professionals.
  4. Foster a bottom-up, co-creation approach in the planning and design of new services through guidelines and trainings.
  5. Include UD principles as minimum requirements for public procurement and approval of new mobility services.
  6. Foster UD Principles in local sustainable urban mobility plans (SUMP) and regional and national transport plans as overarching planning principles and define key performance indicators that are monitored.
  7. Include Universal Design as an overarching topic in the next EU transport strategy. Prepare an EU Directive on the application of UD in the planning, design and operation of digital mobility services.
  8. Appoint a Universal Design Officer at local, regional or national level who can oversee the application of UD principles in the planning, design and authorization of digital mobility services.
  9. Create an ‘inclusive and accessible service’ quality label that can be issued if a service complies with the UD principles in digital mobility.



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