INDIMO, TRIPS, DIGNITY joint recommendations

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December 14, 2022
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By Imre Keserü, Mobilise VUB,


As a final outcome of the joint conference held by the H2020 projects INDIMO, TRIPS, and DIGNITY, a final set of recommendations was presented to address city official and mobility stakeholders pursuing more accessible and inclusive transport. Below the full list:


  1. Focus on users: Involve a wide range of stakeholders, users, and non-users in particular, in the co-design of inclusive and accessible transport products and services.
  2. Focus on policy makers: Embrace inclusive co-design principles in the next EU transport strategy, in the guidelines for local sustainable urban mobility plans (SUMP) and national transport plans as overarching planning principle and define key performance indicators to monitor progress.
  3. Focus on the industry: Prioritise accessibility and inclusion over market dynamics and explore the business case and market potential for inclusive and accessible transport products and services.
  4. Focus on continuity: Create a common European platform for accessibility and inclusiveness to act as a one-stop shop for inclusive co-design solutions and planning tools, ensuring continuity of project results.
  5. What comes after our projects? INDIMO, TRIPS and DIGNITY have only laid the foundations for the transition towards a more accessible and inclusive transport system. Further funding for new research, innovation and demonstration of best practices is needed to maintain the momentum’.



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