Implementation of the redesigned service in Madrid

May 31, 2022
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By Floridea di Ciommo, CambiaMo and Madrid pilot site leader

The Madrid pilot implemented all the recommendations collectively selected within the Communities of Practices’ local meetings from the INDIMO toolkit. Among the features implemented, we could mention the following improvements:

  • Including an inclusive language to be easily understandable and without foreign or technical words;
  • Set up of an easy login process by providing the integration with common social platforms such as facebook, Google and apple;
  • Contrast adjustment and any other of personalization of visualization features of the digital interfaces to meet user’s needs;
  • The adaptation of the privacy policy and other legal notices into a transparent language, understandable, and easy to access for all target-groups of users, including people with mental disability.

Long-term implementation planned for the third phase of the Madrid pilot is an endorsement campaign for inclusive digital delivery services and training for riders. For the first one, the campaign has been gathering relevant Spanish state stakeholder organizations such as the CEAPAT-IMSERSO and the Cooperative group of Tangente to target the wide spectrum of user audience, including persons with disability, socially isolated, low-income, and elderly people, stressing the benefits and the improvement of the service covering their needs.

The training on inclusivity is aimed at making riders and target-groups of users feel more comfortable in the digital and physical food delivery interactive experience. It involves the pilot’s riders from La Pájara in interactive training that includes simulations and role-plays. After this first edition of prototyping, it will be ready to be extended to other digital mobility services contexts.


Images from the awareness campaign built with stakeholder organizations.

Role-play exercise with La Pájara riders during Unit #3 of the inclusivity training.


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