Implementation of the redesigned service in Antwerp

Antwerpen pedestrian street
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May 31, 2022
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By Juanita Devis Clavijo, researcher at IMEC and Antwerp pilot site leader


The Antwerp pilot implemented almost all the recommendations coming from the UDM and from the outcomes of the testing activities with end users. Among the features implemented we could mention a tutorial on gestures, better error detection features and the possibility to change the routes. Moreover, after realizing users with a certain degree of vision uses visual clues for navigating the application, developers and UX designers redevelop parts of the application to support these needs. Contrast between elements, colors and size of elements were improved. Foreign words, generating confusing readings, were removed.

To communicate the real-time status of the traffic light to the end users, a connection to the smart traffic lights and a cloud-base data platform that connects the traffic light with the is established.

Given the difficulty visually impaired users experience when switching applications while navigating the city and the proof-of-concept status of the pilot application, the Antwerp pilot is currently investigating the integration in existing popular applications used by this target group.

The main learnings from the testing activities and the recommendations coming from the UDM were also further disseminated among local service providers, developers, UX designers, civil servants, and other relevant local stakeholders to increase project impact.

Besides the recommendations related directly to the application, we also shared more general concerns of the end-users that emerged during our research with the local authorities, such as the problem of lack of good data (e.g. real-time info on roadblocks, information on accessibility of buildings and public space, traffic light that is broken…) in order to raise their awareness about the difficulties our target group encounters when moving around in the city.

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