Listen to podcast: the “Mobiele Rateltikker” in Antwerp

July 21, 2022
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By Rebecca Hueting (DBL) and Evelien Marlier (IMEC)

We’re happy to invite our readers to listen to our first podcast on the “Mobiele Rateltikker” in Antwerp. The short audio-reportage collects Mathias’ experience related with the INDIMO re-design process in the Antwerp co-creation community. This podcast has been recorded by a fully blind end-user involved in the testing, re-design and implementation of the “Mobiele rateltikker” in the Antwerp pilot site.

You can listen to the whole series of “Voiceover in Zicht” podcasts from our co-creation community member Mathias Vermincksel on his channel.



The podcast is also available on:


Read more about our user-centered activities in the pilot sites, involving all our target users:

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