Care-giving activities and household-related journeys are under-evaluated by mobility planners and transport service providers. They involve not only women, but also men in helping other family or community members. As a reference term, according to Eurostat up to 25.8% of EU individuals working part-time suggest ‘child and adult care reasons’ as motivating their decisions. 

The strategic design of digital mobility services is traditionally based on full-time work commutes only and multiple stop-overs are scarcely considered by most digital route-planning applications. 

INDIMO will consider the daily mobility needs people who are in charge of caring tasks implying chained journeys (i.e. accompanying children and/or older adults, health care purposes, daily food shopping or “key life services” in general, that include trips to the supermarket, drugstore, family doctor, etc.). INDIMO will also support the development of digital and decision making tools that facilitate this kind of mobility, which represents 40% of trip purposes worldwide.