The European Passengers’ Federation (EPF)

The European Passengers Federation (EPF) links all major passenger organisations throughout Europe and represents the interests of public transport users at the European level. EPF is committed to improving standards on public transport, achieving comprehensive passenger rights throughout Europe and promoting effective and seamless multi-modal travel. To this end, EPF adopts an evidence-based approach: it conducts research, publishes reports, holds conferences and works constructively with transport operators and decision-makers. EPF is able to draw on an extensive, EU-wide network of passengers and passengers’ experts through its member organisations. We currently represent thirty-seven national and regional organisations from twenty-one European countries, within and outside the European Union. Our members strive to put the user at the centre of the decision-making process and to increase passenger satisfaction. We are the voice of public transport users in Europe.

EPF will bring the users’ voice to the INDIMO project, contributing to many of the work packages related to user needs and requirements. In concrete terms, EPF will lead the first phase of the pilots that will assess user needs and requirements. EPF will also contribute to the initial analysis on user requirements and use these findings in the creation of the INDIMO Policy Evaluation Tool. Besides this, EPF will have a relevant role in dissemination and communication, reaching-out to passenger organisations across Europe to its extended stakeholder network.