Mozgássérültek Budapesti Egyesülete (MBE)

The MBE – Budapest Association of People with Physical Disabilities –

was established in 1977 as an aid for people with disabilities, where management and administration run fully by concerned people. The main aim of the association is to represent people with disabilities in Budapest. Therefore, there are local representatives in every district of Budapest, working in close relationship to local decision-makers. Thanks to the direct connection with PRMs, MBE has direct knowledge about daily (mobility) problems.

In 2013 the first Universal Design Information and Research Center of Hungary was opened, established by MBE, with the aim to give the possibility to meet the participants of different projects based on Universal Design (engineers, designers). It also serves as a live office providing working conditions for persons with disabilities.

The Center has created users’ test groups for examining the different kind of products and services. The test groups are composed by persons with different types and severity of disability. The goal is to support the designers in the development of UD products and to prove equal chance for everybody.

Since December 2013 students of the Budapest Technical University attend practical lessons in the Center and work together with the users’ group of the Center on several different developments.


As a representation of PRMs’ needs, MBE will aid the data gathering from different user groups thank to its extensive social network. MBE is also the leader in the shaping of the Universal Design Guidelines. Various interview, focus group, evaluation and testing activities will also take place at MBE.