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Zaragoza Logistics Centre (ZLC)

Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC) is an international research and educational centre of excellence established by the Government of Aragon in Spain affiliated to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Zaragoza (UZ). Specialized in logistics and supply chain management, ZLC is the Spanish center of the MIT Global SCALE Network, an international alliance of 6 leading research centers dedicated to the development of supply chain excellence through innovation and it now spans four continents.  ZLC is directly linked to the development of PLAZA – the largest logistics park in Europe. ZLC is also a founding member of the European Technology Platform for Logistics, ALICE.

The research program is aligned to Zaragoza Logistics Center’s (ZLC) mission of focusing on enhancing economic growth and competitiveness through innovation. To this end ZLC has developed 150+ R&D collaborative projects with regional, national and European industry focused on logistics and SCM. At European level, ZLC has participated in 25+ European Union funded projects.

Researchers at ZLC work, among others, in the following research areas and have published relevant research articles in international referred journals and book chapters:

  • Resilience, SC Security & Risk Management
  • Supply Chain Digitalization
  • Transport & Urban Mobility


ZLC leads INDIMO pilots, starting with the pilot setup: definition of specific actions required for their implementation, their corresponding time plan and the roles of the partners involved. On the other hand, ZLC leads the development of INDIMO cybersecurity and privacy assessment guidelines, through dedicated scenarios (based on the level of criticality of the pilots and their maturity) considering both technical and user acceptance aspects. Last, ZLC is in charge of INDIMO data management policy. In general, ZLC incorporates the logistics perspective in understanding the process of deployment of digital mobility services, as well as deriving policy recommendations.