Springer book – Making digital mobility inclusive and accessible

Springer Book Series “Towards user centric transport in Europe”

– Di Ciommo, F., G. Rondinella, Y. Shiftan, and M. Specktor | Methodological paths to achieve Inclusive Digital Mobility solutions: target-group capabilities and limitations.
– Bulanowski K., Lima S., Marlier E | Leaving no one behind: involving end-users in creating inclusive digital mobility.
– Di Ciommo F., et. al., | INDIMO Communities of Practice in Monghidoro, Antwerp, Galilée, Madrid, and Berlin: A Common Space for Co-Designing Inclusive Digital Mobility Solutions.
– Hueting R., Giorgi S., Capaccioli A. | User-Centred approach to user interface languages and icons: co-evaluation and co-creation of accessible digital mobility services.
– Delaere H., Basu S., Keseru I. | Ensuring inclusive and accessible digital mobility through policymaking.


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