Emilia-Romagna: video of launch event

November 25, 2021
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By Eleonora Tu, researcher at ITL and Emilia Romagna pilot site leader

As pilot site leaders we are happy to share the video recording of the official launching event that took place on October 27th in Monghidoro, where all citizens could learn about INDIMO and how our partner Poste Italiane worked closely with the Consortium to ensure the digital locker could be installed in a safe and accessible area, allowing citizens of all ages and level of vulnerability to be able to use the service. Moreover, the service itself ensures higher accessibility of online purchases and delivery services, since it offers a secure locker for items that people might not be able to receive at their houses for the most diverse reasons:

  • they are rarely at home during delivery hours, due to work or caregiving activities
  • they have no access to the mailbox, due to short stay or other administrative/bureaucratic reasons
  • they do not feel safe receiving deliveries at home, due to unfriendly neighbours or unlocked doors and/or mailboxes
  • they live in a rural or peri-urban area and traditional delivery services either cannot reach it or get often lost searching, causing delays

The Poste Italiane digital locker foreseen by Pilot 1 – Emilia Romagna was installed in the City Hall of Monghidoro (province of Bologna, Italy) in late September 2021 and citizens are getting familiar with the service. On the 2nd of December the local Community of Practice will meet for the 1st re-design workshop. Citizens’ representatives, representatives from the service provider Poste Italiane, ITL and the Major of Monghidoro will gather to discuss barriers and benefits of the service and collaboratively identify accessibility issues and feasible mitigations.

Stay tuned!



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