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May 31, 2021
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by Tally Hatzakis, Senior Research Analyst at Trilateral Research | TRIPS project

Nothing for us, without us

In May 2021 the TRIPS project published the “White paper on requirements for future mobility systems“. Nothing for us, without us is the crystal clear request people with disabilities pose to our society and contains a distillation of the Mobility Survey findings, aimed for the Disability Intergroup of the European Parliament and other transport and disability policy makers in the Member States.

Are you interested in how an accessible journey planner should function? Ever thought what it would take for disabled users to use cable cars, bike sharing, e-scooters, and motorbike taxis or autonomous taxis? Ever wondered what special concerns might disable people have around cycle lanes, micro-transit or ride pooling?

The White Paper recently published by TRIPS project gives you a glimpse into disabled users’ requirements and recommendations for designing future mobility solutions that will be accessible, safe and enjoyed by everyone.  More than 500 disabled uses across 21 EU members states offered their views and we listened carefully so we can tell their story.

The TRIPS project promotes a co-design approach that allows people with disabilities to take a leading role in transport innovation. Because when it comes to accessibility, disabled citizens are the experts!

This report also offers their high-level design directions, and our collective policy and industry recommendations for consideration. Our ambition is to engage all those in the wider ecosystem that can effect positive social change. We would like to promote the co-signing of a memorandum of understanding containing commonly agreed innovation priorities that promote practical win-win solutions for users and the transport ecosystem and joint policy recommendations that can lift institutional barriers to make change happen.


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