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Picture of a person's hand holding a mobile phone while looking for a route in a transport application
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April 15, 2021
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by Rebecca Hueting, INDIMO dissemination team

Today we launch our survey about mobile application icons! It proposes different sets of pictograms and tries to explore their level of ambiguity depending on the experience and characteristics of respondents. Many digital tools have emerged the past years offering personalized services at every stage of a journey and home deliveries have become very popular. INDIMO believes that all people can benefit from these digital solutions, if Universal Design principles are applied. In the context of the INDIMO project, the survey aim is to better understand requirements towards these tools and make them easier to use and more inclusive for all. Results will be used to inform and develop the Universal interface language icons manual.
The survey will be open until Monday 3rd of May, it can be opened also on tablet and smartphones and it only takes 20 minutes to compile.
You are all invited to submit your answers:

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