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April 1, 2020
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The INDIMO project has arisen from the common commitment of 15 partners across Europe that have a shared interest in accessibility and inclusion in future transport.

The current consortium decided to write a proposal starting from their past experience in innovative mobility, smart cities and Universal Design. Inclusive digital mobility was, in fact, one of the main research streams cited by the “Action Plan for Future Mobility 2030” and published in the context of the Mobility4EU project.

The INDIMO project focuses on four main challenges:

  • Access to digital mobility and logistics services may be limited due to physical or cognitive barriers.
  • Socio-economic and spatial barriers may prevent people from using digital mobility and logistics services.
  • Digital mobility is becoming increasingly international, thus designers and developers have to consider the communication needs of people from different countries, cultures and languages.
  • Increased digitalisation in mobility and logistics also increases the risk of cyber threats, which may have an impact not only on operations, but also on the privacy, health and safety of citizens.


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