INDIMO at POLIS’ Public Transport lab webinar series.

October 28, 2021
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By Daniel Herrera, POLIS Network

On the 27th September the INDIMO Project was present at the second webinar of POLIS’ public transport lab webinar series, “Overcoming barriers, inclusiveness in public transport systems”, with a presentation named “Human factor and care-givers mobility needs with the INDIMO”  from our colleague Floridea Di Ciommo of CambiaMO.

The webinar counted with the participation of representatives from Amsterdam, Il De France region, and the TRIPS and INDIMO projects, and focused on how our urban mobility services  can -and must- be more inclusive for all users.

INDIMO’s presentation explored how public transport and digital mobility services can be reoriented to better serve care givers, examining the work the project has been doing in the pilot cities of Berlin and Madrid.  The presentation also highlighted INDIMO’s co-creation approach stating that “is more than a quick survey of passengers’ habits or opinions”, and that it is a process through which users are engaged in the development of user-centric transit services from design to implementation. This is critical when it comes to care givers’ mobility, who have a range of complex mobility needs- something which became increasingly important during the pandemic. Gender, physical capabilities and age must be considered.

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