Co-creating the INDIMO Policy Evaluation Tool

October 25, 2021
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by Alexandra Erfort, Co-creation community leader | VDI-VDE/IT

3rd INDIMO Co-creation Workshop: Co-creating the INDIMO Policy Evaluation Tool

On 30 September 2021, the INDIMO project organised its third Co-creation Workshop on the INDIMO Policy Evaluation Tool. The 3-hour workshop took place online and drew in a diverse set of 28 participants, representing operators, developers, policy makers, user organisations and researchers in the field of digital mobility and logistics services across Europe.


This workshop was a part of the series of co-creation workshops INDIMO is conducting to co-create the INDIMO digital mobility toolbox. In this workshop, the concept of the INDIMO Policy Evaluation tool, a component of the INDIMO toolbox, was presented and the structure and potential content of the same were discussed. This tool will enable policy makers and user organisations (NGOs) to design strategies necessary for all citizens to fully benefit from the digital transport system and identify strategies to avoid digital exclusion or a digital divide in terms of social and spatial assets. The key topics evaluated by the tool are digital accessibility and inclusion, cybersecurity and personal data protection as well as other aspects related to the universal design principles. The tool will have the format of a self-assessment questionnaire and will also give user behaviour nudging suggestions and recommendations to overcome identified barriers. Interactive sessions within the workshop elaborated how the application of the Policy Evaluation Tool will help assess existing or proposed digital mobility or logistics services and mobility policies of a local or regional authority.


Interactive sessions

The interactive part of the workshop was split in two sessions. A first session dealt with a few general questions regarding the structure and format of the evaluation tool, while the second session went deeper into the actual content of the tool, discussing topics such as the flexibility, equitability as well as payment and subscription methods.

The main outcomes of the workshop are twofold:

  • The first session led to the conclusion that there is a need for a simple structure, preferably a combination of a quantitative score, and qualitative recommendations on potential ways to improve certain aspects of the policy or service. In addition, the experts recommended the use of a checklist structure to check which aspects are present in a policy or service and which are not. A third recommendation was the use of best and worst practices as a way to show how certain policies have different results, depending on the context.
  • The main outcome of the second session were the comments made by the participants on the different categories. Overall, the categories and questions were considered relevant, but should be clarified using examples. Additionally, the technical and economic feasibility for operators, policy makers and developers are to be taken into account.

These conclusions will be incorporated into the further development of the INDIMO policy evaluation tool. In a second co-creation workshop in the spring of 2022, the nearly final version will once again be validated by the Co-creation Community and additional experts.

Some additional material regarding the workshop’s content will be shared in the European Transport and Mobility Forum. If you have trouble logging in or forgot your password, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you are not yet a member, an invitation will follow separately.

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